Who We Are?

Asia Watt Engineering & Consulting Company

proudly celebrates the third decade of being leadership in the area of developing, promoting and advocating for the energy efficiency engineering (Oil, Gas, Electricity and Water) as well as equipment and supply support as an “E” and/or “EC” and/or “EPC” contractor in country of Iran. In year of 1995, the company was founded as a pioneer generally in the energy services business.

Owning to the marvelous skills and abilities in mechanical, electrical, process and commercial fields, we are capable of engineering, design, procurement, installation of equipments in oil, gas and petrochemical industry, power plants, food industry and etc. In this regards, we have been joint venture of the worldwide Manufacturers/Companies whose names are laid on the Agencies/partner/joint venture tab on asiawatt.com.
We also provide our customers with energy auditing services, , implementing the energy management system, reducing the operational energy cost, online monitoring of energy consumption, energy reliability, establishing the energy consumption standards in various industrial sectors.

As an independent energy services company, to which the third rank of Power Generation Consultant and Electrical Industry Consultant were awarded by Management and Planning Organization of presidential deputy of Iran, our outstanding, knowledgeable and skillful professionals serve wide-range of companies including variously-sized customers, public institutions and private enterprises. Due to the our wide-ranging clients, our main office is located in a commercial area in the city of Tehran, known as Jordan Ave. with the delightful view of the city.
With dedicated energy and business professionals with years of experience and strong commitment to customers’ satisfaction, we will pave our way to the brighter future and the transcendental aim by persisting in provision of satisfactory and effective services for our customers.